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We collected all the insights gained during various conversations and interviews led with thought leaders from all around the world. We did so in order to create a space in which new viewpoints and provocative thinking is shared, a space where (future) decision-makers can collide, co-learn and collaborate. Make it your own - become part of this driven community!

Some of the people we talked to and whose thoughts we share with you on the blog are, amongst others: Joe Kaeser, Ceo of Siemens; David Rowan, Editor-in-chief of WIRED UK; Jimmy Wales, Co-founder of Wikipedia; Prof. Amy Wrszniewski, Professor at the Yale School of Management; Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate of 2006 and many more.


5 leadership lessons from an orchestra conductor


What does leading an orchestra have to do with leading a company? More than you think.

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How a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate envisions the future


Ever wondered how a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate wants to shape the future world? We talked to one to find out: Muhammad Yunus, father of modern micro-finance.

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The beauty of moving knowledge - Interview with CEO of SAP


In 2015, we talked to CEO of SAP on how to achieve true progress. Find out more about his understanding of progress – for big business as well as for the people.

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How to be more creative in an unusual yet simple way


As you may have experienced yourself, achieving lateral thinking is difficult. Yet it is much needed. We reveal to you an unusual yet simple technique that could help you overcome your personal struggles with creativity.

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How can businesses foster innovation?


The Editor-in-chief of WIRED UK David Rowan has the answer...

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