Future of Leadership Initiative

Shaping leadership in times of digitalization

The Future of Leadership Initiative (FLI) aims to shape visionary leadership in times of digitalization, by fostering the dialogue between young talents, executives and thought leaders.




Learn from the best

The journey starts with interviewing thought leaders from all around the world, investigating what visionary leadership of our times look like.





Future of Leadership Conference

The Future of Leadership Conference

We then share our insights during the FLI Conference amongst others, an interactive two-day Think Tank that includes powerful keynotes, panel discussions and innovative interactive formats.


The Future of Leadership in one image

After each Future of Leadership Initiative, we create a knowledge map that encapsulates all the insights we gained throughout the initiative, on topics such as meaning at work, change, the future generation…



The Future Lab: apply now!

In the Future Lab, mixed teams will test agile innovation techniques based on a specific case study on urban mobility - join the experience!


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Shaping leadership in times of digitalization

The fourth edition of the Future of Leadership Initiative will equip you with tools and insights that will make you a better leader!

Get inspired by major Thought Leaders from all around the world that engaged in the Future of Leadership Initiative, amongst others:

Joe Kaeser, CEO Siemens

Joe Kaeser
CEO of Siemens

Barry Schwartz, Psychologist and Professor

Barry Schwartz
Psychologist and Professor

Barbara Kellerman, Harvard Professor

Barbara Kellerman
Harvard Professor of Public Leadership

Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Muhammad Yunus
Nobel Prize Laureate

Jimmy Wales, Co-founder Wikipedia

Jimmy Wales
Co-founder of Wikipedia

Bill McDermott, CEO SAP

Bill McDermott


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How to give a purpose to your company?


Do you want to make business or great business? At the FLI Conference 2016 Joe Kaeser, CEO of Siemens, revealed four steps for meaningful business.

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Small is beautiful - An interview with Bestseller Author Nassim Taleb


A famous financial risk analyst on his perspective on progress...

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Bringing research and insights to life: The Future Lab


The Future of Leadership 2017 is moving onto the next stage, taking focused research and analysis around innovation and leadership and presenting it at the next event: The Future Lab on Urban Mobility.

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How a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate envisions the future


Ever wondered how a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate wants to shape the future world? We talked to one to find out: Muhammad Yunus, father of modern micro-finance.

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Personal cars: a call for change?


Owning a personal car becomes more and more out-dated, and presents various pitfalls... The time has come for a change in urban mobility! 

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The co-founder of Wikipedia on how to achieve true progress


How does Wikipedia contribute to true progress in the world? Jimmy Wales, Co-founder of Wikipedia, on his vision of the world and the impact of internet.

The next steps into the Future of Leadership


This is what will make FLI 2017 year's edition special

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Building the future of transportation - the story of the finalists of Elon Musk's competition


Learn how a student’s team from Munich became finalists in the innovation competition initiated by Elon Musk to co-create a new super-fast mode of transportation!

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When Big Data saves lives – and other inspiring stories


Juliana Rotich, Social Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011, reveals how everyone can leverage the power and impact of technological tools, and how to achieve progress.

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