We connect thought leaders across generations, industries, and professions. 
We master the Grand Challenges of Leadership. Together. 
We provide the leadership skills for tomorrow. 

Welcome to the Future of Leadership Initiative

The Future of Leadership Initiative (FLI) brings together global thought leaders, senior executives and selected young talents from leading universities. Since 2013, we have developed into the largest and most diverse English-speaking leadership community in Germany. In our open and collaborative Think Tank, we understand, explore, and master the grand challenges of leadership. The FLI Academy provides the leadership skills and capabilities for tomorrow. And within in the FLI Community, we foster meaningful interactions.

The FLI Grand Challenge in 2019!

Come with us on an exciting co-creation journey to find out how businesses can master the transition towards a new
[virtual] reality of leadership.

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The Future of Leadership Initiative is organised around three main fields of activities. 

Each year, the FLI community selects a Grand Challenge of Leadership and distills the most relevant aspects. Global thought leaders, senior executives and young talents join forces in exciting co-creation processes with one shared ambition: Generating valuable insights and future-proof strategies how leadership can unlock the true potential of individuals, teams and organizations.

The FLI Academy provides leadership skills for tomorrow. The formats of the FLI Academy reach from 1-day peer-learning sessions to 4-day master classes. Thereby, the contents are science-based, but  tailored towards their direct application. The learning experience is always interactive  and based on state-of-the-art didactic design.

FLI is an intellectual home for leaders. We offer a unique platform to step back, get inspired and meet like-minded peers to anticipate how leadership has to change if the world around is changing. As an FLI Fellow, you are invited to exclusive networking event, the annual Grand Challenge, and you receive significant benefits for the FLI Academy .

  • +49 (0) 89 62 83 887 – 10
  • info@future-of-leadership.org


  • +49 (0) 89 62 83 887 – 10
  • info@future-of-leadership.org