The beauty of moving knowledge

In 2015, we talked to Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP, on how to achieve true progress. Find out more about his understanding of progress – for big business as well as for the people.   Bill McDermott is on top of the clouds. The CEO of SAP, one of the world’s biggest software companies, answered … Read more

How to be more creative in an unusual yet simple way

As you may have experienced yourself, achieving lateral thinking is difficult. Yet it is much needed. We reveal to you an unusual yet simple technique that could help you overcome your personal struggles with creativity. It’s needless to say that thinking outside the box has become one of the ultimate ways to stand out as … Read more

How can businesses foster innovation?

The Editor-in-chief of WIRED UK David Rowan has the answer… Last year, one of the speakers at the FLI Conference was David Rowan. In his current position, he travels around the world visiting about 150 interesting companies each year.  David got all the participants really engaged when telling stories about those purpose driven businesses and their innovative approach. He … Read more

4 major sources of meaning at work

In a meta-study Brent D. Rosso et al (Michigan University) found out 4 major sources of meaning and fulfillment at work. Find out what is essential to achieve fulfillment at work! 1/4 The first major source of meaning at work is identification: to what extent do people understand and appreciate their contribution to the vision and … Read more

Can we find meaning at work?

Plato described humans as “beings in search of meaning” – and cognitive science confirms that. During centuries however, the social origin determined the work of an individual, therefore we weren’t specifically looking for meaning in our work. But times have changed, and we now have the opportunity to find a job that fulfills us. Even … Read more

3 ways to make people embrace change and innovation despite all odds

An expert on psychological decision-making revealed to us some simple psychological ways of making people more open to change and innovation. Just recently we had the pleasure to talk to Elke Weber, professor of Psychology at Princeton University. She explained to us what it takes to be more innovative in a company (or in general), … Read more

The hidden pattern of inventions

What if there were a common thread between all kinds of inventions and innovations who have shaped our lives? We talked to an expert about that subject who identified several common factors. Pagan Kennedy, who we interviewed for our research about Innovation for the Future of Leadership Initiative (FLI), is undoubtedly an expert on inventions. Between … Read more

Investigating the truth behind innovation

Currently, there is a lot of hype about that topic, but who knows exactly “The Truth Behind Innovation”? Sometimes academic research is too abstract and people struggle to translate the theories into concrete actions in their daily work environment. At the same time, the web is full of materials and suggestions but it’s difficult to … Read more