Big Think Day

Thank you very much for your participation in the BIG THINK DAY.
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About the FLI

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Reinventing Leadership

Join our Future Lab on May 23/24th and anticipate how leadership will change in the AI age.

Participants' Feedback

Reflection Exercise
"Me, my job and the Machines"

Dr. Ploss' insights on
"The Value of Not Knowing"

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NEW: FLI Academy Website

Check out the new FLI Academy Website (in German). The FLI Academy is targeted towards business executives who strive to innovate their leadership culture. The diverse curriculum provides a broad array of applied leadership skills.

Grand Challenge 2019


Leadership and the
Rise of Intelligent Machines

Our focus topic 2019! Together with senior executives, innovators and highly talented students, we will explore how machine intelligence will impact the future of work and leadership.

From Our Community

Partner of the Week_MissAi


We are happy to announce our new partnership with Ms. AI - an emerging network with the goal to diversify AI in Europe by driving inclusion and providing clarity on the why, what and how. Ms AI will be one of our partners to shape this year's topic "Leadership & Intelligent Machines."