The Truth Behind Innovation

Liveblog of the 4th FLI Conference 2018

Final impressions

The Hyperloop Warr Team - Winner of the FLI Award

"One of the big strength of our team is, how passionately we work together. Every single team-member knew what we wanted to achieve: winning the competition. So evey single team-member was very important for our project and we worked together very efficiently."

Participants´ highlights of the FLI Conference 2018

"The variety of different backgrounds, perspectives and people." "Firing & inspirering." "Good size for networking." "The idea of followership." "People, who come here, have always something to say." "It´s my 4th year and speakers are always amazing!"

How leadership can drive innovation - Dr. Frank Meyer Head of B2C Solutions & Innovation E.ON

"The most important factor how leadership can drive innovation is to give people the ability to take a risk. As a leader you can only turn your organization around by never taking things for obvious. By always questioning every single day why things have to be like they had been in the last 20 years. And ask: Can we do it differently. This is absolutely tough daily business."

Inspiring leadership to foster innovation - Jeff Burton Founder of E.A.

"A Leader has the capability to make people follow him natuarlly without having to be a boss. The great formular of leading people is you have to believe in what you´re doing. That´s the only way to be effective. You grow as a leader by listening carefully to people."

Graphic Recording by Yasmin Cordes

Creating a picture of "The truth behind innovation".

The Rocket Engine - Lin Kayser CEO Hyperganic Technologies AG

"The future of manufacturing will be basicly focussed on generative design. Generative design is when you create objects by computers and stop engeneering every little detail as a human."

Serendipity? Lin Kayser - Serial Entrepreneur

"Serendipity describes the lucky chance accidents that you didn´t plan but they actually changed your life. The most important turning points in life have to do with it. And you can put yourself into positions that make serendipity happen more often, be ready for it and then embrace it."

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