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Mind Retreat


  • How to stay centered in a world with high uncertainty and complexity?
  • What is my inner strength?
  • How to achieve self‑centeredness and inner clarity?
  • What is my personal vision?

How to stay centered in a world with high uncertainty and complexity?  What is my inner strength? How to achieve self‑centeredness and inner clarity? What is my personal vision?

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What is THE mind retreat ABOUT?

A central task of leadership is to provide purpose and meaning at work.

But how to create a perception of meaning in your company? Leading researchers like Adam Grant (Wharton School of Business), Amy Wrzesniewski (Yale School of Management) and Brent D. Rosso (Montana State University) have proven that meaning does not require a fancy business model or brand, but can be created by concrete, sometimes astonishing simple leadership interventions.

This one-day leadership experience is a timeout for leaders to reflect. It guides participants through a proven process to understand the psychology how meaning is created in the working process.  
You will better understand your sources of meaning and identify the moments that matter in your daily leadership practice. Based on your own reflections, you will find out how can inspire your team and your co-workers to find more meaning in what they do.

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and why is this important?

  • A sense of meaning is a central cornerstone of motivation and business performance. Purpose-driven businesses have a measurable X-factor: they attract better talents, grow faster, show higher customer loyalty and higher profit margins in the long-run. In this workshop, you understand how to turn your business into a purpose-driven business.
  • In an extensive meta-study, Brent D. Rosso and other researchers have identified the four major drivers of meaning and motivation at work. If you understand them as a leader, you can use them to positively stimulate the spirit and working culture in your organization.
  • 84% of employees in Germany, based on the latest Gallup research, are not pro-actively supporting the corporate strategy and goals. The most significant share is performing their work to rule. If you aim to make your organization more innovative, customer dedicated and agile, this mind-retreat will provide you with practical tools.

Learning experience

During this one day state-of-the art reflection format, you will:

Who is the mind retreat for?

The Mind Retreat “How to create meaning as a leader”  is made for people leaders or corporate thought leaders who strive to actively change the working culture within their organization. It targets leaders who consider individual reflection and positive psychology as essential leadership tools.



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Mind retreat leads


Sebastian Morgner

Managing Director at MLI and co-founder of the FLI

Sebastian Morgner is Managing Director of the MLI Leadership Institute in Munich. He is advising leadership teams of global companies in digital transformation and coaching senior executives. Sebastian has been in leadership positions for more than 20 years – in large corporates and as the founder of his own business. He has successfully built up seven different business units over his career. Sebastian is a certified mental coach, author and keynote speaker (GSA). Sebastian is married, father of 3 daughters and co-founder of the Future of Leadership Initiative. Life leadership is his passion.


Laura Bechthold

Executive Director at the FLI

Before Laura Bechthold joined the FLI as executive director, she pursued a PhD at the Max-Planck-Institute for Innovation and Competition and was in the Management Team at the Center For Digital Technology and Management (CDTM). In her research, she investigates the intersection of psychology and entrepreneurial behaviour with a particular focus on non-cognitive skills. She is a social scientist with an interdisciplinary academic background from Zeppelin University (B.A. Corporate Management & Economics), Maastricht University (M.Sc. Sustainability Science), Ludwig-Maximilian-University (Master of Business Research) and UC Berkeley (visiting researcher).



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Mind Retreat

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Mind Retreat

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Mind Retreat

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