The Future of Leadership Initiative is dedicated to shape the leadership of tomorrow. As a corporate partner or as an individual member you join our community of forward-looking leaders and become part of the Think Tank and its designated annual Grand Challenge.

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In whatever way you would like to collaborate with FLI, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Do you have further questions? Please, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Executive Director

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Corporate Partnership

You are a company that is eager to think ahead and actively shape the future of work? You want to be an employer of choice and continuously develop your best leadership talents? Then become FLI Corporate Partner:

Your Benefits AS A CORPORATE Partner

  • great leaders for great business: get inspired by the input of outstanding global thought leaders and understand how current megatrends impact the future of your business,
  • tools to use: access to latest application-focused leadership tools – Grand Challenge Logbook to understand how you can take the lead in your business context,
  • think different: experience thought-provoking leadership interventions,
  • learn to grow: receive contemporary leadership knowledge and skills,
  • meet the future: engage with academic top talents that might reinforce your team,
  • make a statement: position yourself as a modern employer that fosters new ways of meaningful, futureproof leadership.


The annual FLI Corporate Partnership includes:

  • Your partner logo featured on FLI website and events,
  • right to feature FLI Logo on own website as a promoter of contemporary leadership,
  • Grand Challenge Logbook for corporate delegates to transfer research insights to your business, free online access for your leadership team to FLI leadership research, future-proof leadership tools and thought leader interviews,
  • reserved spots for delegates to participate in the annual FLI Grand Challenge and at the FLI Annual Meeting,
  • 40% discount for all corporate delegates at the Big Think Event, the Future Lab and the FLI Annual Meeting (save 1,840 Euro per delegate)
  • 40% discount on all FLI Academy offers for participants from your company (save 640 Euro for a 2-day workshop),
  • Corporate Future Lab: the exclusive chance to have an individual workshop with your corporate delegates to condense the insights of the Grand Challenge to the most impactful approaches for your company (e.g., as a presentation to the board)

In addition, with your Corporate Partnership, you support our research activities and sponsor young academic talents, so they can participate for free in the Grand Challenge events.

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Individual Fellowship

Wherever you have a challenging and responsible job to do – FLI can serve as your “home for leaders”. Here you get the new inspiration you seek for, here you meet inspiring peers that take the lead across industries, disciplines and generations. Are you passionate for leadership and do you want to shape the leadership of tomorrow? Then become an FLI Fellow and join our amazing FLI community.


  • community: exclusive, interdisciplinary community of leaders,
  • share your thoughts: energizing and inspirational exchange with other executives, global thought leaders and highly talented students,
  • get insights: leadership research insights on megatrends and challenges,
  • learn and grow: access to state-of-the-art formats to continuously develop yourself as a leader,
  • get support: a trusted group of diverse peers to work on your current leadership issues,
  • increase your impact: application-focused leadership tools to increase your effectiveness.


  • Invitation to exclusive, free FLI community events such as the FLI Speakers Nights,
  • virtual FLI pin with logo for your online profile,
  • priority access and 30% discount on
    • co-creation sessions about the annual Grand Challenge, such as the Big Think Workshop and the Future Lab, (save 330 Euro)
    • FLI Annual Meeting (save 500 Euro),
    • all FLI Academy offers (save 480 Euro for a 2-day workshop).
  • online access to the FLI Virtual Academy that provides future-proof leadership tools and knowhow (coming in 2019),
  • annual FLI Publication with results of last Grand Challenge and thought leader interviews (as of 2019),
  • bi-monthly Future of Leadership Updates with latest research insights, intellectual input of our global thought leader community and further offers of partnering organizations


120,00 € / year
(plus VAT)


Are you a student who wants to take the lead to foster societal progress and a desirable future of work? Are you eager to assume responsibility and tackle the grand challenges of our time? At FLI, we offer a limited amount of free spots in all our programs to highly talented and motivated students. 


  • Be a part of it: enter an exclusive and interdisciplinary community of leadership experts and attend for free all FLI Grand Challenge events (Big Think Workshop, Future Lab and Annual Meeting) or get one of 30 limited student spots at the FLI Annual Meeting,
  • Get inspired: have an energizing and inspirational experience with corporate executives,
    global thought leaders and other highly talented students;
  • Grow and share: learn about state-of-the-art leadership topics, get equipped with a set of practical leadership tools and bring in your own thoughts;
  • Move forward: connect to senior executives to learn about different career possibilities.

Apply for a student fellowship

The next FLI Talent Program 2019 will start in Q1,  2019. Click below to file your application.

Special Cooperations

Academic partnership

We are continuously looking for academic partners who are eager to enrich the FLI activities with cutting-edge research. 

Non-Profit Partnership

Are you running or working for a non-profit organization, such as a social business, welfare fund, or international NGO? We would love to hear your ideas about how leadership can drive prosperity in an inclusive and environmentally sustainable way. Please, just approach us to discuss how a  partnership with FLI would be possible.  

FLI Volunteering

FLI thrives through diversity! However, we know that it is sometimes hard to afford a membership. This is why we also offer the opportunity to volunteer for FLI and receive a one-year membership in return: Help out at one of our events, support our outreach activities, our simply suggest your own contribution. Just approach us – we would love hear your ideas!

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