Leadership Quest

Neuroscience meets leadershiP

  • How do I process the world around me?
  • What gives me energy, what does not?
  • What are my inner strengths?
  • What do I truly want to accomplish?
  • How does my personal vision look like?
  • How can I achieve progress in an agile way?

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Upcoming dates:

  • June 7th and July 5th, 2019 in Munich
  • September 6th and October 18th, 2019 in Munich

What is the Leadership Quest?

The Leadership Quest is a modern interpretation of the epic quest to discover meaning and accomplishment in life. It is designed as a self-development journey which combines the most thrilling aspects of neuroscience and self-leadership.

Never before in time humans have been faced with so many information, opportunities and choices, but also so much ambiguity, distraction and complexity as today. 

The Leadership Quest is a process leading to the exploration of both hidden potentials and sources of inner strength. 

As a participant, you will grasp new insights about how human brains tick and what this tells us about mastering uncertainty. You will engage with timeless concepts of human wisdom that are combined with research-based findings in neuroscience.  This provides new perspectives on the mechanisms that determine the way how we go after achievements and meaning in our daily lives.

The aim of this unique experience is to provide you with a new level of clarity and vitality when you think about the future.

  • The Leadership Quest starts with one day self-discovery and vision building – partly in a beautiful outdoor setting. 
  • What follows is an observation phase in which you will track patterns in your current everyday life. 
  • During a second day offsite you will derive concrete goals and effective strategies to achieve positive accomplishment. 

As human individuals, we are  programmed to organise ourselves in hierarchical groups -understanding the implications of social dynamics is fundamental to lead a self-determined life.  It is also valuable to learn about the key role of the two neurotransmitters Serotonin and Dopamine when it comes to achieve satisfaction and motivation in everyday life.

In addition you will get practical advise how to implement your goals in an agile way  faced with unexpected events and surprises. 

Markus Deutschmann, neuroscientist and physician at the Zurich University Hospital and leadership expert Sebastian Morgner join forces to guide you through this process of sustainable personal empowerment. 

why is it important?

  • Mental well-being is driven by positive emotion, engagement, meaning, good relationships and a sense of accomplishment. The Leadership Quest guides you to find out how to positively influence these drivers of mental fitness.
  • It will deepen your understanding how human brains process and perceive the world. You will learn to foster your positive thinking. 
  • it provides you as a participant with scientifically tested tools to accomplish important goals in an agile and focused manner.
  • neuroscience provides stunning insights into human thinking and behaviour. During the Leadership Quest, you get aware of the most relevant cognitive biases and learn how to overcome them.

Learning experience

The course itself takes place in two (separate) dates but the learning experience starts with your registration and (if you decide to) does not end.

Day 1: Defining your Vision

  • What neuroscience tells us about how we perceive our lives.
  • The importance of the neurotransmitters Dopamine and Serotonin.
  • The archetype of the Hero`s Journey: A universal approach to cope with uncertainty.
  • Analysing my life so far: strengths and resources
  • What are the moments that matter most in my life?
  • Defining my personal vision and Best Self.

Observation Phase

  • Daily www exercise (What went well - and why)
  • Time journal: Value time activities that support growth and provide energy versus distractive or negative activities.
  • Peer exchange in master mind groups.

Day 2: Preparing for the next level

  • How does personality determine who we are and what we will be.
  • Defining impactful goals (with positive influence on thinking and habits)
  • Making conscious what may stop or limit me.
  • Objectives and key results to enter the next level of (private or business) life.
  • Defining an agile strategy for positive accomplishment.
  • How meditation and priming can help me stay on track.

Who is the Leadership Quest for?

The Leadership Quest is made for anybody who wants to take the lead in specific realms of life. For contemporaries who strive to lead their lives self-determined and self-conscious. This concept conveys a fundamental view on life leadership and helps to strengthen your inner compass and grit.


 The leadership quest will let you experience a unique and highly effective mixture of high-quality content, practical experience and transfer into your specific life situation. You will:

  • take home your personal Vision Workbook covering your individual insights: your moments that matter, your inspiring vision, impactful life goals and your personal roadmap to make it happen
  • discover blind spots that limit your growth and use research-proven strategies to overcome them, 
  • learn impactful methods how to motivate and center yourself even if times are challenging
  • Meet inspiring people to share valuable experiences and insights.

What will participants learn
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Workshop leads


Sebastian Morgner

Managing Director at MLI and
co-founder of the FLI

Sebastian Morgner is Managing Director of the MLI Leadership Institute in Munich. He is advising leadership teams of global companies in digital transformation and coaching senior executives. Life leadership is his passion. Sebastian has been a digital business pioneer and build up seven different business units over his career. He is a certified mental coach, author and keynote speaker (GSA). Sebastian is married, father of 3 daughters and co-founder of the Future of Leadership Initiative.

markus deutschmann futureofleadership

Dr. Markus Deutschmann

Senior doctor at University Clinic Zürich and
founder of access-neuroscience.com

After completing his doctorate, medical studies and research on Genetic Neurosciences at the University of Munich, University College London and Stanford University, Markus works as a senior physician at the University Clinic in Zürich. In his seminars he aims to translate scientific findings into understandable and actionable strategies for personal and corporate development.

This is what participants have saiD:

  • “This was eye‑opening”
  • “I understood how close I am to live my personal vision – and I found the little tweaks to get there”
  • “I discovered the inner peace inside of me”
  • “Let alone get the opportunity to do so in an open and inquisitive environment with professional and knowledgeable coaches.”



per person
1.120 Euro

Leadership Quest program

FLI Fellows receive a 30% discount on all offers of the FLI Academy (excluding premium up-sale). To become an FLI Fellow, simply sign-up for a one-year membership and join a thriving community.


per person
1.600 Euro

Leadership Quest program

  • 2 workshop days
  • Exclusive content
  • Onsite coaching by experienced experts
  • Highly effective didactic process
  • Vision Workbook
  • Food and drinks included
  • Leadership Quest Certificate

Corporate Partners

Per employee
960 Euro

Leadership Quest program

As Corporate Partner of the FLI, you receive a 40% for all your employees on all FLI Academy Offers. To become a Corporate Partners, please contact us.

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