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Leading Digital Transformation

- How to keep up the pace in changing times

  • How to stay centered in a world with high uncertainty and complexity?
  • What is my inner strength?
  • How to achieve self‑centeredness and inner clarity?
  • What is my personal vision?

How to stay centered in a world with high uncertainty and complexity?  What is my inner strength? How to achieve self‑centeredness and inner clarity? What is my personal vision?

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Leadership is the capacity to anticipate the future and make the right decisions today. Digital transformation is a buzzword of these days. For top executives in companies, it is hard to decide whom to trust and what to do.

  • How can we use digital means to create more benefit and improve our business?
  • What could be the most effective project to start with?
  • How to organize digital change and ensure we have the right skills and capabilities on board?
  • How to drive digital transformation without confusing daily operations and delivery?

Which decisions come first, which second?

“Leading Digital Transformation” is a one-day intensive workshop to provide top decision-makers with the essential frameworks and models to lay out their specific digital transformation agenda.

You will size your personal digital challenge, assess the digital readiness of your business and understand how you can identify the most impactful digital levers to prepare your business for the future.

The workshop is a unique combination of high profile digital strategy content and an open exchange with experts and peers about the pitfalls and success drivers leading your business into the digital area.

…and why is it so important?

  • 9 of 10 strategic initiatives in German business fail and do not meet expectations – according to a survey of the German Consultants Association. This workshop helps you to identify the most relevant pitfalls in advance.
  • The key success driver of digital business is radical customer orientation. You will learn about a research-proven framework to think about your business in new ways. 
  • Digital Transformation radically changes existing industries and value chains. This workshop provides you with proven approaches and models to organize digital transformation in an effective way without confusing your ongoing business.

Learning experience

During this one-day intensive leadership workshop, you will:

Who is the workshop for?

This workshop is designed for senior executives, top decision makers and CEOs of medium-sized companies that want to lead digital transformation in a pro-active, conscious way. It provides a model of thinking to set the right priorities.


Workshop leads


Sebastian Morgner

Managing Director at MLI and co-Founder of the FLI

Sebastian Morgner is Managing Director of the MLI Leadership Institute in Munich. He is advising leadership teams of global companies in digital transformation and coaching senior executives. Sebastian has been a digital business pioneer and has built up seven different business units over his career. Being a co-founder of the Future of Leadership Initiative he has spoken to more than 100 global thought leaders about the challenges for leadership in digital times. He is a certified mental coach, author and keynote speaker (GSA).

kilian moser-2

DR. Kilian Moser

Head of Operations at tacterion

Kilian Moser is the Head of Operations of the Munich-based tech start-up tacterion. He consults start-ups and SMEs on how to build visionary companies that employees enjoy working for. Holding a doctoral degree from the Technical University of Munich, he also researches and writes about topics at the interface digitalization, entrepreneurship and organizational design.



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Leading Digital Transformation Workshop

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Leading Digital Transformation Workshop


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Leading Digital Transformation Workshop

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