Veronika Gamper, Sebastian Morgner: Moderators Future Lab 2017

Countdown: T minus 3 hours

Arrived at the ESMT building. Camera setup complete, video team ready. Here we go.

In spite of everything: GDR art at the ESMT building.Smiling minor configuration problems away.Wireless LAN: Check. Editing software: Check. Battery power: Oh!Yes. That's the microphone plug.No Sound. Still no Sound. Yet still no... Oh: SOUND!Storing the configuration setup. Ready.Last technical Problems to be solved.Cam up and running.Tons of battery power: Let the lab begin!

Countdown: T minus 15 hours

Berlin main station, finally. Equipment complete, staff tired but happy. Things are getting closer now.

Countdown: T minus 24 hours

11 AM, team meeting at Basel main station. One last tech check with head technician Marcel Näf. Grabbing a couple of sandwiches, heading for the trains to Düsseldorf and Berlin. FLI Future Lab: The HTW Chur media team is on its way.

Tech check at Basel main station.Camera: Check. Batteries: Check. Headphones: Check.'A solar panel? Are you kidding?'Wireless mic briefing.Not a single cable missing.List check complete.Hand luggage increasing by 100 kilos.One last smile, and here we go.
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