The Future Lab 2017 belongs to the past

Two exciting days are over, and the FLI Future Lab 2017 is a thing of the past. The media teams of the University of Applied Sciences Chur and the Bern University of Applied Sciences say goodbye. See you in the future of mobility!

Rush hour, no more empty seats: Meet «Bus off»

The universe of mobility in a single app: Meet «Kl1ck»

Future of mobility: Will we beam ourselves into the city in 10 years?

From Berlin to Düsseldorf: Ideas are converging

Ideate. Shape the future.

Camera workout

Franziska Soergel: Mobility is a fundamental right

Katrin Fischer: Banish cars from the city

Volker Schaich: Comfort is key

Sibel Caglayan: The variety and complexity of mobility

Felipe Hinojosa: Impressed and inspired by the Berlin mobility network

Future Lab 2017, Berlin: Workshops

Nina Leffers: Use cases

Gummer Chase: In Berlin you don't need a car

Gummer Chase on the conference: Good job

Urban mobility, case Berlin city: Excursion

Future Lab 2017, Berlin: Impressions, day 1

Sebastian Winklmann on the future of mobility

Lukas Neckermann on mobility change

Future Lab 2017, Berlin: Great Expectations

Countdown: T minus 3 hours

Arrived at the ESMT building. Camera setup complete, video team ready. Here we go.

Countdown: T minus 15 hours

Berlin main station, finally. Equipment complete, staff tired but happy. Things are getting closer now.

Countdown: T minus 24 hours

11 AM, team meeting at Basel main station. One last tech check with head technician Marcel Näf. Grabbing a couple of sandwiches, heading for the trains to Düsseldorf and Berlin. FLI Future Lab: The HTW Chur media team is on its way.