The Future Lab 2017 belongs to the past

Two exciting days are over, and the FLI Future Lab 2017 is a thing of the past. The media teams of the University of Applied Sciences Chur and the Bern University of Applied Sciences say goodbye. See you in the future of mobility!

Sebastian Morgner about his favorite idea

Urban mobility: Learnings from Düsseldorf

Mobility today: Light painting in the city

World café in Düsseldorf

Prototypes from Düsseldorf

From Berlin to Düsseldorf: Ideas are converging

Ideate. Go Lego.

Sebastian Morgner: Show your benefits

Sebastian Morgner: From ideation to prototyping

Mobility of the future: Moments of truth

Urban mobility: Trend scouting at Düsseldorf main station

Sebastian Morgner: Discover mobility in Düsseldorf

Anna Dimitrova: Living in the city of tomorrow

Sabrina Schenk, Thomas Haiz: Be(e) efficient

Nicolas Goeller: Mobility is a big and even bigger issue

Future Lab 2017, Düsseldorf: Impressions, day 1

Svenja Arens, Saltanat Bissimbina: Insights

Future Lab 2017, Düsseldorf: Great Expectations

In full swing: Conference snapshots from Düsseldorf

Countdown: T minus 1 hour

Veronika Gamper, Sebastian Morgner: Moderators Future Lab 2017

Countdown: T minus 3 hours

Arrived at the ESMT building. Camera setup complete, video team ready. Here we go.

Countdown: T minus 24 hours

11 AM, team meeting at Basel main station. One last tech check with head technician Marcel Näf. Grabbing a couple of sandwiches, heading for the trains to Düsseldorf and Berlin. FLI Future Lab: The HTW Chur media team is on its way.