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Measuring Transformation

How to navigate change with data science

  • Are you currently organizing or launching a change initiative?
  • Would you like to know how your activities affect the motivation and performance of employees?
  • Are you curious to quantify the impact of our change activities?
  • Are you eager to explore how to make your initiatives even more effective?

Are you currently organizing or launching a change initiative? Would you like to know how your activities affect the motivation and performance of employees? Are you curious to quantify the impact of our change activities? Are you eager to explore how to make your initiatives even more effective?

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Main instruction language is English, while individual coaching can also be held in German. 

Short description

The successful configuration and orchestration of change processes is one of the most complex tasks in people leadership and organizational transformation: How can we determine whether our change initiative is successful? What are appropriate KPIs? Is it even possible to measure intangible factors, such as employee engagement, leadership effectiveness, or corporate culture? 

Integrating a solid evaluation process from the very beginning is essential to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of every change initiative. Being able to assess, quantify, and visualize its impact not only shows whether the activities reach their desired outcomes, but also provide concrete insights on where to re-calibrate to maximize their success.

In this interactive master class, two researchers will guide you through an entire evaluation process: from questionnaire design to data analytics and visualization. Throughout the course, you will have the opportunity to work on your own project and receive individual coaching.

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Who should join?

This master class is targeted towards everyone who is in charge of transformation or change processes, such as:  

Which key competencies will I acquire?

After this master class, you will be able to

  • Decide among a set of state-of-the-art evaluation techniques 
  • Design a solid and efficient evaluation process
  • Measure common “intangibles” related to organisational change (e.g., change of commitment, motivation,  culture)
  • Use easy-to-apply data science to evaluate your impact
  • Implement controlled experiments to assess the effectiveness of your project 
  • Use digital tools to visualize and communicate your findings
measuring transformation futureofleadership
measuring transformation futureofleadership

Do I need previous knowledge?

Do I need to HAve an own project to work on?

No, if you do not have your own project in place, you can either join another working group or work on a fictitious case study.

agile meets leadership agility futureofleadership

The experts

The course is organized and conducted by Laura Rosendahl Huber and Laura Bechthold. The have been working together for several years. Jointly, they conducted an award-winning research project on fostering female entrepreneurship. They regularly teach courses on qualitative and quantitative research methods at LMU Munich and the Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM).


Laura Rosendahl Huber, Ph.D.

Senior Research Fellow 
Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition

Laura Rosendahl Huber holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Amsterdam and is currently working as a Senior Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition. Her primary fields of research are entrepreneurship, economics of education and organizational economics. In her research she strives to answer research questions that have practical implications. From January until June 2019, Laura Rosendahl Huber will join Harvard University as a visiting researcher.


Laura Bechthold

Executive Director FLI
(form. Center for Digital Technology and Management)

Before Laura Bechthold joined the FLI as executive director, she pursued a PhD at the Max-Planck-Institute for Innovation and Competition and was in the Management Team at the Center For Digital Technology and Management (CDTM). She is a social scientist with an interdisciplinary academic background from Zeppelin University (B.A. Corporate Management & Economics), Maastricht University (M.Sc. Sustainability Science), Ludwig-Maximilian-University and UC Berkeley (Master of Business Research).



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Measuring Transformation Master Class​

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Measuring Transformation
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Measuring Transformation
Master Class​

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