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Be prepared for change, cause it is always a chance

The thirteenth episode of the podcast reflects on the events, following the Covid-19 outbreak from the perspective of a multinational production company. Therefore Dr. Hady Seyeda, the CEO of H.C. Starck Tungsten Powders, one of the biggest tungsten / wolframproviders worldwide is joining Sebastian Morgner today.

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The podcast starts off with a quick introduction of H.C. Starck Tungsten Powders by Dr. Seyeda. Providing a short explanation for what Tungsten stands and regarding its unique properties and applications, he shares a brief overview of the company’s value proposition, as well as its role in the general supply chain. The CEO describes the organisation’s first encounter with the virus at their facility in China, and how resilient processes like a creative use of resources and protocols which have been already in place of similar scenarios, allowed for a quick adaptation to “the new normal”. He approves the measures taken by the German government, both financially and in respect to provide guidance. However, he believes them to be inconsistent and at times very bureaucratic. Therefore, when asked what he believes to be the most valuable “lesson learned” from the crisis, he states, that for a better solution in the future, the individual members of the EU should implement a general set of rules that would allow to take quick and decisive measures when the next pandemic comes around.

Thereafter, the conversation touches on the question of supply chains and resources and takes a turn towards the issue of recycling and circular economy. Dr. Seyeda explains how western nations are often dependent on third party providers for valuable metals and other resources. In times of crisis, this may cause shortage. However, by implementing a proper recycling system allowing for a better preservation of essential components, these dependencies could be significantly reduced. Nevertheless, he advocates for the maintenance of a certain level of slack in order to keep organisations in business, even when there is stagnation of essential resources.

To conclude the podcast, the CEO shares an advice with the audience by encouraging them to keep a positive mindset and be prepared for change, ‘cause it is always a chance.

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