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Digital Opportunities and the New Normal!

The fifteenth episode of the podcast deals with the issue of Covid-19 form the perspective of a global IT venture. It is about using big data and digital tools to confront the uncertainty and ambiguity of the current situation. Joining Sebastian Morgner this time is Udo Littke, managing director & Labour Director at ATOS Germany and Head of Public Sector & Defence Central Europe at Atos. ATOS is Europe’s largest provider for cybersecurity and high-performance computing and cloud-based solutions.

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After a quick introduction, Udo Littke shares his learning that there is no such thing as being overprepared or communicating too much in a Corona-like crisis situation. He describes how ATOS’ inherent structure enabled a quick recovery after the initial shock and allowed the company to stay functional. He highlights the need of transparency, leading by objectives and continuous open communication and coordination. 
Talking about the digital learning experience during the Corona lockdown, Udo Littke explains how the general acceptance and trust in these tools has seen a strong increase over the cause of the pandemic. In this regard however, he also points out how this will have an impact on how business will perceive issues like cybersecurity, since they are going to be increasingly exposed to respective threats.

Regarding possible long-term consequences for business leadership, Udo Littke is convinced that there will be a new normal, in which we will see a huge change in workplace design and leadership behaviour. The process of digitalisation, amplified by the current push, will enable each and every one to work from wherever they seem fit. On the other hand, utilising new interaction channels and platforms, leading will demand a much higher level of networking and communication than ever before.

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