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Will people ever shake hands again? Societal Change post Corona

This episode of the podcast is about the effects of Covid-19 on individual and collective patterns of behavior and thinking, and the implications for life and leadership after Corona. The American psychologist and professor of social and behavioral theory Barry Schwartz is Sebastian Morgner‘s guest today.

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Following an initial exchange about the drastic changes in private and business life, Barry Schwartz will address the issue of the newly established behavioral norms. He and Sebastian discuss the question of whether they will continue to exist after Corona, and if so, what effects this could have on our daily lives and on leadership. They analyze the implications that some large US companies like Facebook already have announced to continue extensive Home Office after Covid-19. The discussion then turns to the political response to the pandemic. Different countries and the measures taken by their political leadership will be discussed. In the course of this, Prof Schwartz will address fundamental questions such as the human attention span or the problem of polarization in the political spectrum.  

At the end of the conversation the psychologist shares his perceptions that intentional redundancies should replace the seek for efficiency in business life to make systems resilient against comparable crisis. In addition to a general change in economic ways of thinking, he expresses here above all a wish for more appreciation in the health and service industry so that they are not forgotten again just as they were before the crisis.

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