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Open for change - optimistic about the future

The fifth episode of the podcast deals with the opportunities that the Covid-19 crisis brings, not only for individual market participants but for society as a whole. Sebastian Morgner’s guest today is Andreas Kunze, CEO of Konux, a Munich-based software company with focus on the transit sector.

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After an initial exchange about the current new reality of everyday working life, the focus of the discussion is on the topic of internal and external communication using online tools. Mr. Kunze then goes into detail about how Konux is dealing with the topic of the virus and the associated changes in everyday life. He says the most important thing is to identify as much information as possible and pass it on to the employees with as much transparency as possible.

Andreas Kunze is optimistic about the future. He is convinced that the virus has the potential to completely change society and the patterns in which we move. As an example, he notes Air-France and its new CO2 internalization regulations.

Finally, Mr Kunze addresses a few words to the audience. In particular, he talks about the need for change but asserts that it should not be feared. On the contrary, it is in the power of everyone to see the positive aspects about change and to grow on it.

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