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Virtual Masterclass with 6 x 1,5 hour ViRtual lectures and 6 challenges to integrate positive Psychology into your lifestyle

  • How to stay centered in a world with high uncertainty and complexity?
  • What is my inner strength?
  • How to achieve self‑centeredness and inner clarity?
  • What is my personal vision?

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  • October 1st to November 15th in the FLI Virtual Academy

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What is THE mind retreat ABOUT

The art of leadership is to stimulate a positive attitude that allows finding constructive ways to master the challenges of your business.

Is optimism a valuable resource to drive business success? Research tells us: yes! Today’s business world is affected by what is described with the acronym VUCA (which stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity). Moreover, as extensive studies in the US army have shown, individual resilience and overall performance of teams can be significantly influenced by specific interventions that guide thinking and reflection.

This engaging online-course with six life virtual lectures and a weekly challenge for you to apply positive psychology makes leaders familiar with the most thrilling insights of cognitive psychology and neuroscience. It helps participants to understand cognitive biases and social dynamics that may have a substantial influence on corporate culture and performance. You will learn about practical models and tools to use to ensure best possible business decisions and foster a positive, target-focused working environment like the “post-mortem analysis” or the “what went well and why” exercise.

This Virtual Masterclass is mainly designed to ensure effective knowledge transfer from psychological research to leadership practice. You will be surprised how little changes in daily business will show significant impact and foster your perception as a leadership role-model by others.

…and why is it so important?

  • Based on the latest research by McKinsey research 80% of corporate performance can be explained by social dynamics within an organizational Positive Psychology is the most effective tool to influence these social dynamics. 
  • As an optimist, you are more resilient, recover faster, live longer and enjoy a higher quality of life. Even more, you will be a better leader that simulates positive thinking and constructive solution finding. This workshop shows you some pleasant routes to get there.
  • Knowing about cognitive biases will help you define your vision more engagingly, set goals more effectively and derive better business decisions with your team. You will leave this workshop with a list of 3 concrete ideas that may help you to change the mindset within your team quickly.

Learning experience

During this one-day state-of-the-art virtual leadership masterclass you will…

  • Get an overview of the psychological studies and experiments that provide the most significant learning potential for leadership
  • Understand the limitation of conscious human processing and decision making and the two cognitive operating systems identified by cognitive psychology: the “fast and associative” system and the “slow, intentional” system.
  • Learn about the most relevant cognitive biases for the business world based on the research of noble price laureate Daniel Kahnemann.
  • Get a selection of research-proven interventions of positive psychology you can quickly apply in leadership practice to positively influence your working environment. These ideas are based on the research of the famous Pennstate professor Martin Seligman.
  • Exchange with and get inspired by other business leaders.

Who is the leadership class for?

This leadership workshop is made for leaders that are aware of the significance of motivation and positive psychology for the long-term performance of their organizations. It is designed for leaders that want to act as role models and use their potentials to influence the working culture within their organization positively. It targets leaders that consider individual reflection and positive psychology as essential leadership tools.


  • Six thought-provoking virtual lectures and chats in which you learn about eye-opening studies of cognitive psychology with high relevance for leadership
  • A unique experience of high-quality content, online peer exchange and transfer of knowledge into your individual leadership context
  • The two cognitive operating systems that drive humans and how to use them in the business context
  • Seven leadership interventions based on research of positive psychology you can immediately apply to improve corporate culture and achieve better business decisions
  • Learn how you as a leader can find actively committed supporters to achieve your strategic business goals
  • Connect with inspiring leadership peers to share valuable experiences and insights.

Masterclass leads


Sebastian Morgner

Managing Director at MLI and co-founder of the FLI

Sebastian Morgner is Managing Director of the MLI Leadership Institute in Munich. He is advising leadership teams of global companies in digital transformation and coaching senior executives. Sebastian has been in leadership positions for more than 20 years – in large corporates and as the founder of his own business. He has successfully built up seven different business units over his career. Sebastian is a certified mental coach, author and keynote speaker (GSA). Sebastian is married, father of 3 daughters and co-founder of the Future of Leadership Initiative. Life leadership is his passion.


Executive Director at the FLI

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84 Euro


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per person
120 Euro


  • 6 x 1,5 hours thought-provoking lectures and state-of-the-art content
  • Seven weekly interventions with research-proven positive psychology tools to enhance your impact in private and professional life
  • Exclusive content
  • Workbook with major models and tools to use
  • Advisory by experienced experts


per person
470 Euro


  • 2 hours follow-up coaching to specify specific leadership measures in your business context

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