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- How to be creative

  • How can I think systematically and innovatively according to scientific methods?
  • How can I find creative solutions quickly and cost-effectively at any time?
  • How can I analyze problems quickly and systematically and consciously find feasible solutions?
  • How can I surprise colleagues and clients with five simple patterns?

- How can I think systematically and innovatively according to scientific methods? - How can I find creative solutions quickly and cost-effectively at any time? - How can I analyse problems quickly and systematically and consciously find feasible solutions? - How can I surprise colleagues and clients with five simple patterns?

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The Future of Leadership Initiative, together with STImulus Innovation, offers a unique workshop where you can learn how creative and innovative thinking works.

When brainstorming, open innovation and design thinking are not enough, it’s time to learn a completely different method that really makes you more creative and systematically leads you to new thinking!

Products, processes, business models, services etc. have to be further developed in order to stand the test of time. In two days you will learn a systematic method and easily applicable innovation patterns, which effectively lead to new solutions and help you objectively challenge your business and innovate at the same time.

The focus is on ‘agileSIT’ – the further development of the SIT method (Structured Inventive Thinking) from Israel according to Prof. Jacob Goldenberg and Dr. Roni Horowitz, with which you can develop smart ideas and solutions from scratch at any time!

…and why is it so important?

  • A truly innovative company must also be able to develop ideas from within that are based on its own expertise, show what is feasible and surprise the customer.
  • Innovation leadership also requires a management team that can think ahead and develop new solutions from the company’s knowledge and experience.
  • It is not easy to question and develop oneself, one’s own products and services and one’s business model. Our method gives you the structure and leads you to new concepts.
  • Since creativity can be learned according to scientific methods, it can also be managed and turned into a plannable skill in the company.

Learning experience

Day 1: Scientific Background & Methods

Day 2: Practical Application

Who is the workshop for?

The workshop is aimed at everyone who wants to experience and experience how one can develop new ideas at any time and how one can systematically overcome one’s own fixations in thinking. If you want to take a leading role in the field of innovation, you should know how to think innovatively!


Workshop lead

Dipl.-Ing. Philipp Gasteiger

Senior SIT Facilitator, Innovation Specialist and Digitization Expert

Philipp Gasteiger is an innovation specialist at STI-Consulting in Munich and heads the innovation department of the consulting company. He has been working with the SIT method since 2012 and has experience in numerous industries including IT, automotive, oil and gas, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, biotech, insurance, transport and FMCG. In addition to his broad experience in the SIT method, he is also familiar with agile methods such as Scrum, Lean Start-Up and Design Thinking. Philipp studied civil engineering at the Technical University of Munich with a focus on traffic planning. Through networked traffic control projects, he got to know the possibilities of the Internet and digitization at an early stage, before it became the talk of the town. In 1999, while still a student, he founded his first online start-up. His experience as an entrepreneur today is part of his view of innovation and the foundation of his agile approach.



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