5 Steps You Can Take To Innovate The Future – By former CTO of HP Phil McKinney

How can you innovate the future? Phil McKinney, former CTO of HP and FLI Thought Leader 2017, shares with you 5 actionable steps to become more innovative. About the FLI Thought Leader Phil McKinney Renown blogger and host of the radio show and podcast “Killer Innovations”. Phil McKinney is also the author of Beyond The Obvious … Read more

Disrupting the automotive industry – Interview with Founder & CEO of Drivy

How to establish Europe’s biggest car rental marketplace in Europe while redefining urban mobility, and accomplishing innovative leadership? Learn how the French founder and CEO of Drivy quickly achieved his goals and what “Truth Behind Innovation” means to him. “How can I act as a role model for innovation to inspire others?, “How can leadership … Read more

The 4 Levels of Innovation Culture

In our interviews with thought leaders about innovation, one aspect keeps coming up: culture. But what are we talking about when we invoke an “Innovation Culture”?  As the digital expert Rahaf Harafoush explained, innovation is an ecosystem and it depends on a series of factors, and each is related to culture in a specific way, from the subjective perspective … Read more

The next steps into the Future of Leadership

This is what will make FLI 2017 year’s edition special The Leadership Excellence Circle took place on June 28th in the “Maker Space” of the TUM Technical University München, a coworking place and prototype lab for entrepreneurs and DIY enthusiasts. After our interview with Louis Bauer, a member of the Hyperloop WARR Team, who became a finalist in … Read more

Building the future of transportation – the story of the finalists of Elon Musk’s competition

Learn how a student’s team from Munich became finalists in the innovation competition initiated by Elon Musk to co-create a new super-fast mode of transportation! The Leadership Excellence Circle, our FLI Kick-off Event at June 28th, was a very exciting day for us. Not only did we vividly exchange with (potential) corporate partners about how to … Read more

The FLI edition 2017 is kicking off in June 28th!

The kick-off event of this year’s Future of Leadership Initiative (FLI) edition is coming. Are you ready to find out what will make this year’s edition special? Every year the FLI curriculum covers an exclusive research phase, a practical Future Lab experience and the FLI Conference. Then all the insights are going to be shared online to scale … Read more

When nature becomes an innovation tool

Biomimicry, the art to imitate nature and learn from it, can help us come up with amazing solutions, technologies and innovations. Like dreamstorming (see our article How to be more creative in an unusual yet simple way), biomimicry is an unusual source of inspiration and approach to innovation. Biomimicry, or biomimetics, is a technique where humans … Read more

5 leadership lessons from an orchestra conductor

What does leading an orchestra have to do with leading a company? More than you think.   How can a conductor possibly teach business executives how to improve their leadership skills? Turns out that in his workshop “Leading & Conducting” the conductor Raphael Hoensbroech, managing director at the Konzerthaus Berlin but also active as conductor … Read more

How to be more creative in an unusual yet simple way

As you may have experienced yourself, achieving lateral thinking is difficult. Yet it is much needed. We reveal to you an unusual yet simple technique that could help you overcome your personal struggles with creativity. It’s needless to say that thinking outside the box has become one of the ultimate ways to stand out as … Read more

How can businesses foster innovation?

The Editor-in-chief of WIRED UK David Rowan has the answer… Last year, one of the speakers at the FLI Conference was David Rowan. In his current position, he travels around the world visiting about 150 interesting companies each year.  David got all the participants really engaged when telling stories about those purpose driven businesses and their innovative approach. He … Read more