How to give a purpose to your company?

Do you want to make business or great business? At the FLI Conference 2016 Joe Kaeser, CEO of Siemens, revealed four steps for meaningful business. What is it that makes a company successful? What is it that makes a company valuable? The first answer to come into one’s mind is: It’s the profit, it’s the … Read more

The next steps into the Future of Leadership

This is what will make FLI 2017 year’s edition special The Leadership Excellence Circle took place on June 28th in the “Maker Space” of the TUM Technical University München, a coworking place and prototype lab for entrepreneurs and DIY enthusiasts. After our interview with Louis Bauer, a member of the Hyperloop WARR Team, who became a finalist in … Read more

When Big Data saves lives – and other inspiring stories

juliana rotich ihub futureofleadership

Juliana Rotich, Social Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011, reveals how everyone can leverage the power and impact of technological tools, and how to achieve progress. Juliana Rotich, elected Social Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011 by the World Economic Forum, developed a major tool using big data to save lives in times of crisis. Here´s … Read more

The FLI edition 2017 is kicking off in June 28th!

The kick-off event of this year’s Future of Leadership Initiative (FLI) edition is coming. Are you ready to find out what will make this year’s edition special? Every year the FLI curriculum covers an exclusive research phase, a practical Future Lab experience and the FLI Conference. Then all the insights are going to be shared online to scale … Read more

Three personal leadership lessons by Joe Kaeser, CEO of Siemens

Are you interested in some personal advice of the leader of 350.000 employees worldwide? Then read here about Joe Kaeser’s input at the FLI Conference 2016. There are a lot of surveys, books and opinions on how to be a good leader. One certain benefit when joining this discussion is true leadership experience: going your … Read more

Why companies need to change and how they should do that

For companies, change initiatives have become essential to survive, but most fail at executing them. Why so? To survive today, businesses constantly need to adapt themselves to the many disruptions our world is undergoing today. The risk of disappearing from the stage is massive for companies. Leading companies aren’t spared from that issue either. Can … Read more

5 leadership lessons from an orchestra conductor

What does leading an orchestra have to do with leading a company? More than you think.   How can a conductor possibly teach business executives how to improve their leadership skills? Turns out that in his workshop “Leading & Conducting” the conductor Raphael Hoensbroech, managing director at the Konzerthaus Berlin but also active as conductor … Read more

The beauty of moving knowledge

In 2015, we talked to Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP, on how to achieve true progress. Find out more about his understanding of progress – for big business as well as for the people.   Bill McDermott is on top of the clouds. The CEO of SAP, one of the world’s biggest software companies, answered … Read more