Each year, the FLI community selects a pressing issue of leadership and distills the most relevant aspects. Global thought leaders, senior executives and talents from leading universities join forces in exciting co-creation processes with one shared ambition: Generating valuable insights and future-proof strategies how leadership can unlock the true potential of individuals, teams and organizations.

Join the next Grand Challenge of Leadership in 2019

“Yes, Mr. Robot!” – Leadership and the Rise of Intelligent Machines

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New technologies are advancing rapidly. Hardly a day goes by without news about breakthrough innovations in artificial intelligence, robotics, or biotechnology. We observe how machines successively enter our lives as proactive and intelligent agents, and how the boundaries between the virtual and the atomic world start to blur. The rise of intelligent machines brings about unprecedented challenges and opportunities for individuals, organizations, and our society at large:

  • How will organizations and workforces look like if every job that can be automated is automated?
  • Which parts of decision making will be influenced, supported or fully taken over by intelligent algorithms?
  • What technological trends are most disruptive from a leadership perspective?
  • How can we find the balance between possibilities of complete transparency and respecting privacy rights?

In 2019, our collaborative and open FLI Think Tank will explore how the rise of intelligence machines will impact the future of leadership, work, and collaboration. With a mix of onsite and virtual formats, we will explore the edges of state-of-the-art technology and discuss their impact on industries and organizations. The goal of the Grand Challenge is to derive guiding principles and tools how organizations can master the transition towards a new era with intelligent machines on the rise.


We are looking for corporate partners and motivated individuals who are eager to embrace a spirit of technological pioneering while simultaneously striving to become frontrunners in the area of corporate digital responsibility. Become a part of the Future of Leadership Initiative and join the Grand Challenge.


While 76% of senior executives think it is important that their organization develops new capabilities to cope with complexity, new technologies, and changing modes of working, only 7% believe that their organization is currently doing this effectively.

UN Global Compact, 2008


2018 | “The Truth behind Innovation” – How can leadership foster or weaken an innovation culture?

2016 | “Meaning@Work” – How does the creation and perception of purpose impact an organisation’s success?

2015 | “Vision Y” – How do young talents envision the future of work, companies and global leadership?



Next to the co-creation sessions, FLI Grand Challenge is supported by an explorative research process including around 30 interviews with global thought leaders. To ensure cutting-edge insights, we collaborate with leading academic institutions. 


6-22pm, Munich

Join an inspirational evening with the FLI community! Four thought leaders from academia and practice will share their ideas about the intersection of leadership and artificial intelligence.  

full day, Munich

During the Big Think Day, participants jointly investigate how machine intelligence  impacts their business environment – today and in the future. The BIG THINK DAY is an invitation-only event, however, you can apply for a ticket.

23./ 24.05.2019
1.5 days, Munich

Future Lab

During this 1.5 day co-creation session, we will share best practices and derive applicable tools how individuals and organizations can master the transition towards a new [virtual] reality of leadership.

1.5 days, Munich

FLI Conference

In this unique 1.5 day open think tank, the FLI community gathers to discuss their insights and to set the basis for future collaborations. Participants of the Grand Challenge process reflect on their insights with global thought leaders and highly-talented students.



Benefits as Corporate Partner

  • Stay on the forefront of state-of-the-art leadership topics;
  • understand the implications of current trends on your organization;
  • receive fresh and out-of-the-box ideas how to master organizational transformation processes;
  • identify key levers for leadership effectiveness;
  • provide your top leadership potentials with an inspiring leadership development experience;
  • benefit from applicable leadership tools and the insights of global thought leaders;
  • connect to a selected group of highly talented students;
  • position yourself as a modern employer that fosters new ways of leadership.

Benefits For INdividuals

  • Enter an exclusive, interdisciplinary community of leadership experts;
  • have an energizing and inspirational experience together with other executives, global thought leaders and highly talented students;
  • bring new impulses to inspire others and align people to organizational outcomes;
  • develop a vision how to navigate the organization as their leadership responsibilities increase;
  • work out concrete approaches how to tackle the Grand Challenge within your organization;
  • will be equipped with a set of tools to easily share their insights within your organization.