About Us

We connect thought leaders across generations, industries and professions.

We believe that the combination of different perspectives has the power to generate smart ideas and valuable solutions to the big questions of our time. The Future of Leadership Initiative (FLI) brings together business executives, global thought leaders and highly-talented students of all ages and professional backgrounds. Since 2013, FLI has developed into the largest and most diverse English-speaking think tank about leadership in Germany.

We leverage the collective potential of our community
to jointly tackle the Grand Challenges of Leadership.

Collaboration amongst diverse and exceptional people has the power to generate extraordinary outcomes. Together with our community and partners, we select the most pressing issues of leadership, distill the most relevant aspects and join forces in exciting co-creation processes. Our common goal is to convert the Grand Challenges of Leadership into valuable insights, inspiring visions, and future-proof strategies. In the past, we worked on big questions such as: How can we create meaning at work? How can leadership create an innovation ecosystem? What is the future vision of Generation Y?

We provide a unique environment to stay at the forefront of leadership.

Leadership is about winning active supporters for desirable goals. This requires a possibility for personal growth, the capability to shape communities as well as the development of societal foresight. Leadership is not only a tool but a life-long learning process. It is our goal to establish a high-quality network, in which mutual trust, learning and inspiration provide continuous benefits for leadership enthusiasts of all career stages. 

THE FLI Editors

Like the FLI network, the FLI team spans disciplines, nationalities and generations.

Laura Bechthold

Laura Bechthold

Executive Director

Laura oversees the general operations of FLI. She is a social scientist with an interdisciplinary academic background reaching from business research to sustainability science. Before joining FLI, she pursued a Ph.D. in  “fostering female entrepreneurship” at the Max-Planck-Institute for Innovation and Competition and was a member of the Management Team at the Center For Digital Technology and Management (CDTM). Further, she has worked as a trainer for the Social Entrepreneurship Akademie, in the field of sustainability consulting, and co-founded an agency for social business development during her studies.

Sebastian Morgner

Sebastian Morgner

Co-Founder FLI

Sebastian Morgner is managing director of the MLI Leadership Institute in Munich and a renown expert on the subject of agile leadership and strategy implementation. He is fascinated by how to bring objectives and strategies to life in ways that motivate people to act. Sebastian started his career in management consulting. Later on, he established the online business of an investment company and was responsible for the business development and marketing policy of the German HypoVereinsbank. In 15 years in the financial industry, Sebastian has led numerous strategic projects to success and gathered wide experience in international management, e.g. being Global Head of Marketing at the high street bank UniCredit in Milan/Italy. Moreover, he is a certified coach, mental trainer and  keynote speaker.


Gabriela Ginard

Head of FLI Academy

Gabriela runs the FLI Academy, where she coordinates the logistics and conceptual design of the offered seminars. She is an industrial engineer with an international background. Open innovation and self-leadership were the focus of her degree theses at the Technical University of Munich. She is also a fellow of the Social Entrepreneurship Academy and has an Honours Degree in Technology Management from the Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM).




We, the Munich Leadership Institute (MLI) – are looking for a full-time intern to start as soon as possible.

As our new team member, you will work in the area of leadership development and consulting with the MLI.

As we are a small and entrepreneurial team, you will have a lot of responsibility from day one.
We guarantee a steep learning curve and a working environment that values team spirit, intellectual curiosity, and proactiveness.

Board of Advisors

Martin Hoegl

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Martin Högl

Institute for Leadership and Organization at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.


Prof. Barbara Kellerman

Center for Public Leadership
at Harvard Kennedy School


Janina Kugel

Former Chief Human Resource
Officer at Siemens AG

Lin Kayser

LIN kayser

Serial Entrepreneur, Founder  of Hyperganic Technologies AG


Everything we do is based on the following basic principles:


The MLI Leadership Institute, based in Munich and with offices in London, Basel and Innsbruck, is a consulting boutique for companies and non-profit organisations who – like us – are convinced that the value of a strategy is no longer measured only by its sales targets, but also by the number of followers. The more people you can win over to a strategy, the more valuable it becomes.


Founded in 1998 by the Ludwig Maximilian University and the Technical University Munich, CDTM is an institution for interdisciplinary education and research. The aim is to educate future leaders who are keen to assume responsibility as global citizens and embrace opportunities to solve the challenges of our time. CDTM is run by a management team consisting of ten doctoral candidates, and supported by 14 professors from LMU and TUM.