November 23rd and 24th, 2016



What does Meaning@Work signify?
How does the perception of meaning influence organizational performance?

How does the role of meaningful leadership change in the digital world?


Recent research shows that:

  • 87% of the workforce don't perceive their work as meaningful.
  • 58% of the workforce – especially young talents – prefer a more meaningful job to a higher salary.
  • 54% of the workforce see digitalization as a key driver of Meaning@Work. 
  • Organizations in which employees perceive Meaning@Work are more profitable (+ 21%).

Meaning@Work is an essential root cause of innovation and corporate performance. Digitalization is a massive game-changer in this context, offering huge opportunities as well as pitfalls. Through interaction with an exclusive circle of senior executives and selected young talents, our FLC 2016 speakers will discuss questions such as how to synchronize organizational performance and Meaning@Work.

Where: Future of Leadership Conference 2016 at Tutzing Castle (Evangelische Akademie Tutzing) by Lake Starnberg

When:  November 23rd and 24th, 2016

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Conference Trailer & Insights from our Project 2016

Future of Leadership Conference

The vision of MEANING@WORK will be presented to the public for the first time at the FUTURE OF LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE.

The Future of Leadership Conference (FLC) is an interactive English-speaking one-day Think Tank that includes powerful keynote addresses, engaging Leadership Labs and a creative Real-Life Business Simulation. Participants meet in the spirit of global citizenship to investigate and discuss fundamental topics of modern and inspiring leadership.

At the 2016 FLC, internationally renowned thought leaders, top executives and decision-makers and brilliant young minds will come together to interactively explore how the notion of “Meaning Making” impacts an organization’s success. This cross-generational and interdisciplinary group will investigate how the creation and perception of purpose in the digital age impacts future leadership across all industries, both in terms of skills and technology.



(all statements are subject to change)


How do I create meaning as a leader?

Nov. 23rd: 10:30-17:00
In order to focus participants on the topic of Meaning@Work and integrate their personal and professional viewpoints, FLI is offering an Individual Mind Retreat on the day before the conference.
This dedicated leadership reflection format will take place in an intimate setting. Sebastian Morgner (Managing Director of the MLI Leadership Institute) and Anja Carmen Gerstenberg (an experienced MLI mental performance coach) will guide participants individually to discover their deeper roots of meaning. In the beautiful setting of Tutzing Castle they will investigate how they might best express and realize meaning in their private environment as well as in their working context.
If you take part in the Mind Retreat, you will have time to think about – and effectively structure – what have been your most meaningful moments so far. You’ll identify patterns and conditions that are meaning-makers for you, as well as becoming clearer about what undermines this meaning. You’ll reflect upon your key strengths and individual resources which can convey meaning to others and make them follow the business ideas you want to promote.
After six hours of focused and open-minded reflection, you’ll have gathered valuable personal insights into the topic of meaning which will be a perfect preparation for the next day’s conference; they’ll also improve the level of meaning in your private and professional life.
  • 08:00Registration and Breakfast
  • 09:00Welcome and Interactive Experience Journey
  • 09:30What is Meaning@Work? And How Does it Drive Organizational Performance?Prof. Martin Hoegl (Head of ILO, LMU Munich)
  • 09:50Meaningful Leadership in Digital Times – How Digitalization Changes the Role of ManagementStefan Ries (CHRO and member of the Executive Board at SAP SE)
  • 10:10Money or Meaning – Antipode or Lever of Sustainable Profitability?Panel discussion between Stefan Ries (CHRO and member of the Executive Board at SAP SE), Prof. Martin Hoegl (Head of ILO, LMU Munich) and John Elkington (world authority on corporate responsibility)
  • 11:00News from the Unicorns: Build Something Meaningful – The Rise of the Mission-Driven Digital BusinessDavid Rowan (Editor-in-chief of WIRED UK)
  • 11:20Is Meaning@Work a Root Cause of Digital Innovation?Panel discussion between David Rowan (WIRED UK), Timm Richter (CPO at XING) and selected young talents from CDTM and ESMT
  • 12:00Idea Hack: How Can Digitalization Contribute to Meaning@Work?Senior executives will join with young talents to find and develop ideas
  • 13:00Lunch
  • 14:10Live Business Simulation: What the Hell is Meaning@Work?
  • 14:50Learning from Spiritual Wisdom: What You Have to Search for to Discover MeaningFather Dr. Notker Wolf (Abbot Primate of the Benedictine Confederation)
  • 15:10Pursuit of Happiness@Work: Appropriate Leadership Goal or Wishful Thinking?Dr. N. S. Rajan (Group CHRO at Tata Sons)
  • 15:30Are Meaning Makers the Better Leaders in Digital Times?Panel discussion between Dr. Christine Stimpel (Partner at Heidrick & Struggles), Gen. ret. Dr. Helge Hansen (former supreme commander of Allied Forces Central Europe within NATO) and Dr. N. S. Rajan (Group CHRO at Tata Sons)
  • 16:20Meaning@Work: A Breakthrough in the Business MindsetJohn Elkington (world authority on corporate responsibility and UN Global Compact Partner)
  • 16:40Leadership Labs: How to Motivate Meaning@Work?Four parallel labs in which senior executives discuss the topic with young talents
  • 18:00Business to Society and Ownership Culture – Making Meaning@Work WorkJoe Kaeser (CEO of Siemens)
  • 18:30Dinner
  • 20:00Meaningful Leadership Without Any Means: How a Refugee Organization in Uganda is Transforming Its SocietyWith Benson Wereje (CEO of CIYOTA) and Bahati Kanyamanza (COO of CIYOTA)


Registration ends on Friday, 11.11.2016

The Future of Leadership Conference is an invitation-only event. If you are interested in joining the conference, please use the application form below to write us why you should be part of the FLC 2016. At the FLC 2016, we not only dedicate 1/3 of all tickets for free to hand-picked clever students from a broad variety of disciplines in their final year at university, we also reserve 15 free wild cards for exceptional and creative thinkers from the field of social and cultural work as well as arts and sports.

Nov.24th - One-day program:
Future of Leadership Conference 2016, including evening reception
Participation fee: € 1.780 plus VAT (19%)*
Nov. 23rd and 24th - Full program:
Optional Mind Retreat & Future of Leadership Conference 2016, including evening reception
Participation fee: € 2.200 plus VAT (19%)*
*Participants at last year’s FLC receive a 20% discount; the participation fee includes conference materials, soft drinks, snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner in the restaurant, award ceremony and evening reception at Tutzing Castle


If you are a senior executive of your company or organization please click here to apply for a ticket.

If you've registered but did not receive our e-mail confirmation within 24 hours,

please contact us at info@future-of-leadrship.org.

If you are a student in your final semester, please click here to apply for a free ticket to the FLC 2016.

If you've registered but did not receive our e-mail confirmation within 24 hours,

please contact us at info@future-of-leadrship.org.

For further information or any questions please contact Anna Schmitt at a.schmitt@leadership-munich.org.


Following a new old tradition we will meet at the Evangelische Akademie Tutzing, a place of peace and strength next to the beautiful Lake Starnberg in the Bavarian Alps.

Participants get the chance to take a step back from day-to-day challenges, calm down and discover why and how to “Make Meaning” of their work.

Learn more about the Evangelische Akademie Tutzing:

The Award


The Future of Leadership Award was born from the conviction that breakthrough ideas driven by exceptional people sometimes really can change the world.

In an open and democratically run vote following extensive discussion of candidates, students identify each year the top 3 Thought Leaders whose ideas influenced the minds and actions of an entire generation. Like the previous years, the winner of the Future of Leadership Award will be honored at the Future of Leadership Conference gala evening.

Last year, Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia was awarded this prize.

Thought Leaders

Similar to previous years, a dedicated team of FLI associates spoke with prominent and diverse thought leaders and decision-makers from industry, politics and academia to discover more concretely: What key daily practices and situations create – and on the other hand destroy – meaning and motivation in today’s organizations, particularly in the digital age?

This year, we already had the pleasure of speaking to great minds like Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser, Peter Michael Senge from MIT Sloan School of Management, who is president of the Society for Organizational Learning, Martina Koederitz, CEO of IBM Germany, Prof. Götz Werner, founder and board member of the dm-drogerie markt, Yale Professor Amy Wrzesniewski, who is one of the leading global researcher on meaning, TED senior fellow and columnist at New York Times, Professor Barry Schwartz, General ret. Dr. Helge Hansen, former commander-in-chief of the Allied Forces Central Europe of the NATO, Saskia Thais Bruysten, co-founder of Yunus Social Business and Benson Wereje, former child soldier in Kongo and today social business entrepreneur striving to transform the African Society.

Dr. Michael Otto

Chairman of the board & former CEO of the Otto Group

Prof. Dr. Dres. h.c. Arnold Picot

Head of the Institute for Information, Organization & Management, Ludwig Maximilian University Munich

General ret. Dr. Helge Hansen

Former supreme commander of Allied Forces Central Europe within NATO

Prof. Götz Werner

Founder and supervisory board member of dm drogerie markt

Martina Koederitz

CEO of IBM Germany and Manager of the Year 2015

Prof. Dr. Martin Högl

Head of the Institute for Leadership & Organization, Ludwig Maximilian University Munich

Prof. Dr. Simon Grand

Academic Director of RISE Management Innovation Lab, University of St. Gallen

David H. Kim

Executive Director and Pastor of the Center for Faith & Work at Redeemer Presbyterian Church

Hubert Barth

Country Managing Partner of Ernst & Young GmbH Germany

Karl Ludwig Schweisfurth

Founder of the Schweisfurth Foundation & pioneer in ecological production of food

Petri Kokko

Global Director at Google

Saskia Thais Bruysten

Co-founder & CEO at Yunus Social Business

Peter Zollinger

Head of Impact Research at Globalance Bank

John Elkington

World authority on corporate responsibility and UN Global Compact Partner

Brad Lomenick

Founder of BLINC, author of The Catalyst Leader & H3 Leadership

Future Lab

The intellectual input of the thought leaders provided the fundament for the interactive workshop among selected business representatives and compiled graduates and alumnis. Facilitated by the MLI Leadership Institute, they developed a common understanding of and future scenario for MEANING@WORK – LEADERSHIP IN TIMES OF DIGITALIZATION. Same as every year, this workshop as central part of the research project unleashed the attending people’s knowledge-pool by an alternation of individual reflection, group breakouts, plenary discussion and voting, following a design-thinking structure.

The outcome of the Future Lab is a unique Vision of Meaning Making that features the most important levers through which leadership can influence MEANING@WORK. The findings of the participants will be documented as a remarkable learning map on Meaning Making that will be presented at the next Future of Leadership Conference in November 2016.

The FUTURE LAB on MEANING@WORK took place on January 23rd at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich.


The results of the FLI research project on MEANING@WORK will be presented to the public and discussed among young talent and senior representatives from the economic, public and political sector during the next Future of Leadership Conference on November 24th, 2016. This Think Tank is a unique blend of minds, representing a diversity of perspectives from all over the world, bringing the academic world and the experiences of practitioners together.

Insights from the Future Lab