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„We need to come up with technologies which are sustainable“

In the 39th episode of the New Leadership Podcast, Cedrik Neike, CEO Digital Industries & Member of the Managing Board at Siemens AG, and Sebastian Morgner discuss technologies of the future, such as the digital twin, and what the “Siemensstadt” project is all about. In this conversation, Cedrik Neike gives us exciting insights into the visions of Siemens Digital Industries. 

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Sebastian Morgner and Cedrik Neike cover a range of different topics in this podcast. They start with some personal reflections on the rapidly growing opportunities new technologies such as smartphones provide and the city of Berlin as a melting pot of cultures where innovation can happen.

They deep dive into the Berlin locality “Siemensstadt” and explore the main ideas behind this project which include making it not only the future of work but also of living. Neike also outlines the next steps of development for this new ecosystem and the overarching vision of the project.

The conversation then focuses on the implications of Covid-19 and the learnings Cedrik Neike took away from being appointed CEO of Digital Industries during that time. Realizing the importance of social connections and digitalization were some of the main factors for Neike, but both discussion partners also outline the opportunities for new leadership and work models Covid-19 brought about. The importance of digitalization is also illustrated by examples of how new concepts such as “digital twins” helped develop new Covid vaccines in a record time. After explaining digital twins in more detail and outlining how such methods can make development faster, more efficient, more sustainable, and more flexible they talk about medicine as a possible next frontier for these technologies.

Another big issue addressed in this podcast is the topic of sustainability. In this context, Sebastian Morgner and Cedrik Neike discuss among other the question of whether businesses have to be the main driver of a carbon neutral future and how much climate protection can be achieved through technological progress.

The podcast ends with Cedrik Neike sharing what he looks for in leaders and some personal advice for young talents.

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