Can we find meaning at work?

Plato described humans as “beings in search of meaning” – and cognitive science confirms that. During centuries however, the social origin determined the work of an individual, therefore we weren’t specifically looking for meaning in our work. But times have changed, and we now have the opportunity to find a job that fulfills us. Even though we have that opportunity now, nothing is gained in advance. Indeed, choosing the right job leading to your personal fulfillment can be quite challenging. It’s challenging because there’s a variety of principles, thoughts and experiences that shape us but are often contradicting one another.

For instance, we get influenced by our parents, who might project their unfulfilled dreams in us…… or we might adopt judgements from others in a way that limits our belief in achieving particular things, and ultimately we are not aware what work fits to our real strengths.Also, we end up thinking that having a fulfilling job essentially boils down to choosing between money, career, OR true calling.But what if we challenge our beliefs?

After all, they are merely beliefs, and not hard facts. We need to become aware that, ultimately, finding happiness at work resides in us. Choosing a job that is in alignment with our strengths and values helps of course. But in the end, the meaning we find in our work actually doesn’t come from the work itself, but in our attitude towards it.

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