4 major sources of meaning at work

In a meta-study Brent D. Rosso et al (Michigan University) found out 4 major sources of meaning and fulfillment at work. Find out what is essential to achieve fulfillment at work!

1/4 The first major source of meaning at work is identification: to what extent do people understand and appreciate their contribution to the vision and strategy in daily business?

2/4 The second is empowerment: If people are committed, do they have the right skills and necessary competences to fulfil their tasks and reach their goals?

3/4 The third source is collaboration: meaning at work is achieved when there is a fair and positive interaction in heterogeneous groups that leverage on their combined knowledge and ideas.

4/4 Lastly, the perception of impact is crucial – how people receive feedback and appreciation for what they achieve, especially direct and personal feedback is driving employee’s motivation.

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